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Our research and policy work has been featured in the media. Here are a few links to some stories:


Agricultural workers lag furthest behind in vaccines

Fresno Bee November 16, 2021

Amazon to pay $500,000 penalty for failing to notify California workers of COVID cases

Sacramento Bee November 15, 2021

Meatpacking plants were big COVID spreaders, USDA says. What it means for Fresno area

Fresno Bee October 27, 2021

California still won't make coronavirus workplace outbreaks public

San Francisco Chronicle October 11, 2021

California low-wage workers no longer have COVID paid sick leave. What happens next?

Sacramento Bee October 10, 2021

The U.S. will develop a federal heat standard for the first time. Here’s what advocates and labor experts want

PBS Newshour October 7, 2021

Column: How Newsom disappointed farmworkers after they defended him in the recall election

Los Angeles Times September 30, 2021

California lawmakers choose profit over people in gutting COVID disclosure bill

The Sacramento Bee September 29, 2021

California still won’t make COVID-19 workplace outbreaks public

CalMatters September 27, 2021

Millions of dollars available for Fresno-area families in Child Tax Credit. How to sign up

Fresno Bee September 22, 2021

Both sides of California’s recall election want voters of color. Getting their votes is a different task

PBS Newshour September 13, 2021

San Joaquin Valley, Inland Empire seen as keys to beating back Newsom recall attempt

The Fresno Bee September 9, 2021

Heating Up: Recall election and climate crisis in Fresno are prominent issues among voters

ONME News Network September 7, 2021

California bill could alter Amazon labor practices

New York Times September 6, 2021

‘Game-changer’ agreement with union for Fresno projects passed. Will Mayor Dyer veto?

The Fresno Bee September 2, 2021

Farmworkers are dying in extreme heat. Few standards exist to protect them

PBS Newshour August 6, 2021

How many essential workers died in California during the pandemic?

SFist August 6, 2021

Tougher tactics targeting the unvaccinated needed to stop new COVID-19 spike, experts say

Los Angeles Times July 14, 2021

Caravan focused on farmworkers' rights rolls through Valley

ABC30 June 27, 2021

Mobile caravan to provide vaccinations, education to farmworkers on Sunday in Modesto

Modesto Bee June 25, 2021

State agencies, community organizations launch three-day caravan focused on farmworker rights

Valley Public Radio June 25, 2021

Teamsters’ push to organize Amazon: Will it work?

Los Angeles Times June 24, 2021

Cal/OSHA proposes nearly $300,000 in fines tied to Foster Farms COVID-19 outbreaks

Los Angeles Times May 25, 2021

Young Latino and Black people have the lowest rate of COVID-19 vaccination in L.A. County, new data show

Los Angeles Times May 6, 2021

Pandemic led to 30% increase in deaths for workers in certain high-risk industries, study shows

Capital Public Radio May 3, 2021

Essential workers accounted for 87% of additional COVID-19 deaths in California, data shows

ABC10 April 30, 2021

87% of additional California deaths in 2020 pandemic were workers, UC Merced report shows

The Fresno Bee April 29, 2021

UC Merced holds workplace COVID training for high-risk industries

ABC30 April 19, 2021

Deaths among Latino immigrants soared by 90% as COVID tore through this California county

The Fresno Bee April 14, 2021

Should Fresno’s public projects be covered by labor agreements? Study weighs in

The Business Journal March 19, 2021 

More undocumented families could receive COVID-19 aid under Gavin Newsom’s new plan

The Fresno Bee February 18, 2021

Latino COVID-19 deaths hit ‘horrifying’ levels, up 1,000% since November in L.A. County

Los Angeles Times January 29, 2021

‘Economic disaster’: California lawmakers consider more aid to Latinas hit hard by COVID

The Sacramento Bee January 29, 2021

Despite Cal/OSHA’s emergency COVID-19 safety rule, workers say little has changed

Los Angeles Times January 28, 2021

Advocates push California Gov. Gavin Newsom to include all undocumented in stimulus aid

The Fresno Bee January 19, 2021

COVID-19 again sweeps through Foster Farms plants in Central Valley

KQED December 8, 2020

COVID-19 is still ‘attacking Latino households’ in California eight months into the pandemic

The Sacramento Bee December 7, 2020

California lockdowns go into effect

The New York Times December 7, 2020

Trump officials push ambitious vaccine timeline as California locks down

The New York Times December 6, 2020

There’s no way out of the Purple Tier unless we act like we’re all in this together.

Monterey County Weekly November 19, 2020 

California lawmakers look for solutions as Latinx community ravaged by COVID-19

KCBS Radio November 18, 2020

California has escaped the national surge in coronavirus cases. But new dangers lie ahead

Los Angeles Times October 21, 2020

As jobs vanished, immigrants left California. The question is how many

Los Angeles Times October 16, 2020

Fresno voters overwhelmingly support police reform, new survey results show

The Fresno Bee October 14, 2020

Fresno voters strongly favor coronavirus protections and police reforms, survey shows

ABC30 News October 14, 2020

Newsom weighs aid for undocumented Californians weathering pandemic with no safety net

CalMatters September 8, 2020

Cierran planta procesadora de carne en California tras registrarse 8 muertes y 358 casos positivos de coronavirus entre los empleados

Univision August 28, 2020

After 8 workers die of COVID-19, officials want Merced County Foster Farms plant closed

Los Angeles Times August 27, 2020

California coronavirus deaths double, with rural areas and suburbs hit hard

Los Angeles Times August 12, 2020

'Everyone tested positive': Covid devastates agriculture workers in California's heartland

The Guardian August 8, 2020

Alarming COVID Outlook

CBS This Morning August 7, 2020

Will California be first state to offer unemployment benefits to undocumented workers?

Sacramento Bee July 30, 2020

Helping California’s hard-hit Central Valley

New York Times July 28, 2020

Coronavirus ravages California’s Central Valley, following a cruel and familiar path

Los Angeles Times July 28, 2020

Coronavirus outbreak, a crisis for Latinos in Stanislaus County. What’s being done?

Modesto Bee July 25, 2020

“A nosotros no nos cuentan, ni aunque paguemos impuestos:" campesinos hispanos relatan los estragos de sobrevivir durante la pandemia

Univision July 23, 2020

"Fustigan a Trump por retuitear video que incita a la violencia contra los demócratas"

Univision May 28, 2020

"Pandemic steals most from immigrant working women"

Cal Matters May 21, 2020

"California’s coronavirus relief program for unemployed immigrant workers gets off to a rocky start"

Los Angeles Times May 20, 2020

"'Band-Aid on a chest wound': California's undocumented relief fund sees chaotic start"

The Guardian May 19, 2020

State fund providing Coronavirus relief for undocumented immigrants overwhelmed on first day

CapRadio May 19, 2020

Undocumented workers rush to apply for coronavirus aid, overwhelming California system

The Sacramento Bee May 18, 2020



We also have links to coverage related to our research on the Census 2020 early education and outreach


Comunidades rurales en California luchan por ser visibles al Censo 2020

La Opinion March 19, 2019

Alcaldes: el Censo es esencial para el progreso

Radio Bilingue July 5, 2019

Community leaders gather to prevent undercount in 2020 Census

Bakersfield Now June 28, 2019

Potential 2020 Census undercount could impact rural, immigrant communities

23 ABC News Bakersield June 28, 2019

Local leaders focus on census participation

Kern County at risk for undercount in 2020 Census July 7, 2019

Census information vital to city funding, officials say

Wasco Tribune July 4, 2019

Event held to address potential 2020 Census undercount in Tulare County

ABC 30 Action News March 15, 2019

Leaders hope to make upcoming census as accurate as possible

Valley Voice March 22, 2019

Comunidades rurales de California luchan por ser visibles al Censo

Vida en el Valle March 18, 2019

2020 Census: rural areas in danger of lower counting and its consequences

Community Alliance May 1, 2019