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Report—Fresno Community Environmental Health Impact Assessment

April 2024

Fact Sheet—California Farmworker Earnings After Overtime Protections

March 2024

Research Brief—Community Outreach Workers' Perspectives on Public Charge: Impacts on Work and Immigrant Communities

March 2024

Toolkit—Rapid Assessment of Unmet Need: A Disaster Response Toolkit

February 2024

Report—Kern Strategic Workforce Development Report

February 2024

Report—Kern CERF Regional Plan, Part 1

January 2024

Fact Sheet—Manufacturing Risk: A Regional Analysis of Workplace Compliance in California’s Meatpacking and Processing Industries

November 2023

Fact Sheet—Clearing the Air: Fresno Health Impact Assessment 2023 Community Survey

September 2023

Report—Essential Fairness: The Case for Unemployment Benefits for California’s Undocumented Immigrant Workers

June 2023 (revised)

Research Brief—Disaster Response: The Planada Flood, Federal Policy Gaps, and Unmet Community Needs

May 2023 (revised)

Research Brief—Responding to a Public Health Disaster: Community Outreach Workers and COVID-19 in California's Central Valley

April 2023

Folleto Informativo—Compensación por Desempleo: Ampliación de la red de seguridad económica para trabajadores excluidos de California

April 2023 (revised)

Fact Sheet—Worker Relief: Expanding the Safety Net to Excluded Workers

April 2023 (revised)

Research Brief—A Golden Age: California's Aging Immigrant Workforce and its Implications for Safety Net Policy

March 2023

Report—Farmworker Health in California: Health in a Time of Contagion, Drought, and Climate Change

February 2023

Fact Sheet—Climate Action: Community and Labor Organizations Build Capacity for Environmental Change

June 2022

ReportThe Future of the State: Kern County's Young, Growing, Diverse Population and Dynamic Economy

May 2022

Hoja de Datos—Alivio Laboral: Desarrollando la Red de Seguridad para los Trabajadores Indocumentados

December 2021

Fact Sheet—Worker Relief: Expanding the Safety Net to Excluded Workers

December 2021

Report—Fresno Speaks 2021 Pandemic, Spending Priorities and Basic Needs

November 2021

Fact Sheet—Fresno Voters Give Voice to Budget Preferences

October 2021

Fact Sheet—Heating Up: Recall Election and Climate Crisis in Fresno 

September 2021

Fact Sheet—How Valley Inequalities Exacerbated the COVID-19 Pandemic

August 2021

Fact Sheet—Latino and Immigrant Workers At Highest Risk of Death 

May 2021

Fact Sheet—The Pandemic's Toll on the California Workers in High-Risk Industries

April 2021

Fresno County Civic Engagement Table Partnership/Fresno Speaks 2020 Full Report

February 2021

Filling the Good Jobs Gap: Fresno’s Opportunity for a Citywide Project Labor Agreement

January 2021

The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Rural San Joaquin Valley Households and Workers

December 2020

Fresno Speaks 2020: The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Registered Voters and their Positions on Major Issues

October 2020

Immigrant Population Decline

September 2020

Manufacturing Risk

August 2020

Hidden Threat: California COVID-19 Surges and Worker Distress

July 2020

Persisting Joblessness

June 2020

Massive Job Losses

May 2020

Gaps in Federal Bill Leaves Valley at Risk

April 2020

Inequality at the Heart of California

October 2019

California Communities at Risk

April 2019