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FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

Will this conference provide translation services?

The research conference will be accessible to Spanish speakers.


Will the conference be recorded?

The presentation and discussions are being recorded and will be reused on the Community and Labor Center's YouTube channel for 2 months.


Where is this conference taking place?

The 2021 UC Merced Farmworker Health Research Conference will take place online, using the free conferencing software Zoom.


How do I download Zoom?

Please use this link to download the "Zoom Client for Meetings". We will send out the Zoom conference registration link as we approach the conference date of April 9th.


What are the requirements for abstract submission?

Please limit your abstract to 350 words, using 12pt Times New Roman font, single spaced. Please submit an abstract highlighting major points of your research. The suggested abstract format should include: Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion, and Policy Implications. However, you may submit an abstract in any format as long as it is within the 350 word limit. The only file type accepted for abstract submission is PDF. 


When is the deadline for abstract submission?

Abstracts are due by March 1st, 2021 at 5pm. Please use this link for abstract submission.


What is the date and time for the conference?

The conference takes place at 10pm-3pm on April 9th, 2021. 


How do I register for the conference?

Please use this link to register for the 2021 UC Merced Farmworker Health Research Conference. We will send out Zoom registration links as we approach the conference date of April 9th. 


How will I know if my abstract was accepted?

You will recieve notice of acceptance of your abstact for the research conference by March 15th, 2021 via email.